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My name is Xareni!

Entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast. Proudly giving women a boost of confidence through my skill in the art of Micropigmentation better known as Semi-Permanent Makeup.

My interest in the art of semi-permanent makeup came from having my own struggles and insecurities with sparse brows. Microblading made such a positive impact in my life, from saving me valuable time in my morning routine to giving me the boost of confidence I needed.

Even after getting my brows done, I continued to be intrigued and wanted to learn more. I would find myself watching YouTube videos or reading about PMU. Finally, one of many nights educating myself, I realized I had everything it takes to give other woman the same boost of confidence I once lacked of.

My goal is to provide quality services in a welcoming environment where you feel comfortable and leave happy. I am beyond excited to help you find your endless glow.

I hope to see you soon!

xoxo - Xareni

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